Cruise Ship Keys From Workers

A lot continues behind closed cottage doors on cruise ships. Are your lodging actually clean? Do crew members actually care if you’re having a fantastic time? And precisely how much sex would be happening on board the ship? Many cruise ship workers have taken to Reddit over time to spill the beans about what life is like when sailing the open seas, plus they’ve got some great strategies for cruise-goers to keep in mind the next time they journey. Continue reading for details you never knew.

1. There are a number of major benefits (and downsides) to operating on a cruise ship.

1 cruise ship worker said that there were a lot of positive aspects to operating on the ship. “Best components: cheap drinks, excellent parties, good pay, simple way to save, wake up at a new city/country almost everyday, amazing way to network, become a positive person, etc.” Employees get to travel the entire world! However, not every thing is wonderful. There are some downsides to living and working on a cruise ship. “Worst: guests are always appropriate … ALWAYS, you have a nametag on in public areas even when you are ‘off duty,’ always tired from lack of sleep, food preference dull after awhile … ” Because workers are on contract for shorter periods of time, they often work longer hours (up to 16 hours daily).

2. If you remove the ship, follow the crew!

“If you ever go on a cruise, and you get off the ship and you want to understand where to eat, . The crew knows where the economical and good food is, where the very best dive bars are, and also for the most part the safest areas in the area. Don’t waste money at Señor Frog’s like everybody else.”

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3. Crew members get VERY friendly with one another.

Multiple crew members appear to agree on one thing: sex between workers is definitely happening on cruise ships. 1 former worker said he “hooked up using like seven different folks myself and I’m a shy, average looking dude.” The other, when asked if a cruise ship is similar to a “sea-orgy” where everybody bangs each other, responded badly with “Yes, it’s actually only one massive bang-fest.” But relations between guests and employees are strictly forbidden and grounds for instant termination of this cruise ship worker.

4. Purchase crew members comes with extra add-ons — and it’s not really that hard to get hired.

“We have paid daily wages and a number of times we work more than others. Only thing that I pay for is beverages. Everything else is on them.” Depending on what cruise line a person is working together, members can also potentially obtain discounts on cruises for personal vacations. “You do not actually have any invoices on board (aside from tourist traps and drinking),” said a former cruise ship worker. “It was comparatively simple to have in, but I am very good at interviews. If you know what you’re doing in the field of your decision, You’ll Have no trouble … “

5. Crew members actually want you to have the holiday of a life.

“We work extremely hard to make sure you have a holiday of a life … These cruise polls are actually taken VERY serious with our company. I am delighted to say that I’ve been mentioned virtually every cruise I’ve worked. I also work extremely hard to be certain the children are having the time of their lives.”

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6. Cleanliness is essential!

If you’re concerned about working on cruises, dread no more — or fear a little not as. “Crew had to clean hands entering and departing the crew mess. Chicken, seafood, bread, and vegetables all have different freezers and storage segments (and elevators) which are cleaned each day. It’s no joke! They have folks clean the small grooves in the metal moving into the elevators merely to give you an example.” In accordance with some other crew member, the kitchens on cruise ships are, in a note, “pristine.”

7. If a crew member gets sick, they are quarantined.

“If they think you have the flu, then you’re in quarantine around a week. In your cottage. Food is brought to you in a sealed container and also you. Can. Not. Leave. Period. The ship is a natural hot zone. Over 4,000 people packed together for a week at a time, jump to occur. In the event the ship gets over 5% ill, that’s when things start to get nasty. Mandatory face shield etc.. Additionally, whenever anyone gets on the ship, they get a hand full of Purell. Mandatory. And nobody may deliver food on or off. They just take cleanliness very seriously.”

8. The one thing crew members want cruise-goers to know …

“The one thing which cruisers should know is that through a port day, the crew are just like passengers. They go outside and have fun! On sea days nonetheless, they work their asses off to create you have the very best period of your life. They really do need to create your holiday amazing, and also work hard to achieve that.”

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Yangtze Pearl Cruise Ship

Yangtze Pearl Cruise Ship

Yangtze Pearl Cruise boat is not available for the entire year of 2015. You may reserve another Yangtze River cruise ships in the very same prices and standards. We will update it here once it is open to publication.

Yangtze Pearl, Yangtze Princess along with M.S. Victoria No.1 are the three boats sailing between Wanzhou and Yichang, the best Portion of Yangtze cruise. It only takes 3 times, saving one day but money.

Itinerary: Wanzhou – Yichang; Yichang – Wanzhou
Rebuilt: December, 2008
Passenger Capacity: 158
Total Cabins: 79
Decks: 5

Calendar of Yangtze Pearl Cruise

Chongqing – YichangYichang – Chongqing Click your cruise date to the enquiry. Please notice the cruise schedules are subject to change according to specific weather conditions, boat charterings, government polices, etc..

  • Jan..
  • Feb..
  • Mar..
  • Apr..
  • May.
  • June.
  • July.
  • Aug..
  • Sept..
  • Oct..
  • Nov..
  • Dec..
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 Two 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 31
  • Cabin Info
  • Deckplan
  • Itineraries
  • Price Guide
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Cabin Info of Yangtze Pearl

Standard Cabin

Total Benefits: 72
Space Size: 13.5 mTwo
Beds: Twin beds (0.9 m * 2.0 m)
Private Balcony: No
Bathroom: Shower

Deluxe Suite

Total Benefits: 3
Space Size: 26.90 mTwo
Beds: Twin beds (0.9 m * 2.0 m)
Private Balcony: No
Bathroom: Shower

President Suite

Total Benefits: two
Space Size: 35.50 mTwo
Beds: Queen mattress (1.8 m * 2.0 m)
Private Fireplace: Yes
Bathroom: bath and bathtub

Deluxe Cabin

Total Benefits: two
Space Size: 20.90 mTwo
Beds: Twin beds (2.0 m * 2.0 m)
Private Fireplace: No
Bathroom: Shower

Quick Booking or Enquiry

We’re here in order to be at your service! Please do the following free enquiry form allowing us understand all your needs, and a number of our experienced staff will be in touch with hints within 0.5-23.5 hours per day. Your Privacy is protected!

Other Ships of the Company

Have a question about your Yangtze River Cruise? Just tell us your travel ideas and we’ll manage the rest. No deposit is needed until you are totally happy with tour plan details.

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Juneau Cruise Ship Port

Juneau, Alaska

When there’s over 4 boats in Juneau somebody has passengers in and to anchor out

Alaska’s capital city, Juneau, stays in southeast Alaska’s Gastineau Channel. Like a lot of the nation it’s available only by boat or plane, although automobiles could arrive on Alaska’s ferries. Throughout the summer holiday season, Juneau sees a great deal of cruise ships as one of the 4 main cruise ship ports in Alaska.

Looking down on boats (two Holland America and a single Princess) by the upper tram station

Holland America ships dock right in the city at the base of the Mount Roberts Tram. Princess includes a nearby dock a brief walk down a scenic boardwalk along the water’s edge. The dock that is farthest is a mile from town. There’s a shuttle to get passengers from boats docked there. The drop passengers at the base of the tram station in the heart of the tourist area of town nearby stalls offering an assortment of items to do.

Mount Roberts tram includes two automobiles — Raven and Eagle

Mount Roberts Tram is the major attraction in the city. Besides amazing perspectives on clear days the tram station in the top includes things to do. There are a theatre, a restaurant, and gift shops. There’s also hiking paths. Cruise ship passengers can purchase tram tickets for the identical price as on beach and go to the tram line, bypassing the ticket line.

Boardwalk in the Princess dock to town

Having a population of more than 30,000 residents, Juneau is one of Alaska’s larger cities. The town’s name comes from a gold prospector called Joe Juneau, one of the founders of the city. He’s buried in the Evergreen Cemetery of Juneau.

Booths close to the tram station provide an assortment of tours and bus tickets into the glacier

Winters in Juneau are milder than a lot of Alaska with an average low of 23 degrees F. With precipitation falling in the form of rain or snow a mean of 23o days of the year, it is a good idea to pack rain gear when visiting Juneau. Spring is September and October and the driest the most rainy. Snow falls between November and March.

Mendenhall Glacier view in the glacier’s Visitor’s Center

Juneau’s primary attraction is the nearby Mendenhall Glacier. Busses into the visitor’s center are easily available close to the cruise ship. There’s more than one firm so you have to be certain that the bus suits. Booths in that region allow Juneau visitors or cruise boat passengers to book things such as whale selling glacier bus tickets as well as watching or kayaking Mendenhall Lake near the glacier.

Map of downtown Juneau

Things to do in Juneau contain helicopter trips out to a museum, hiking, canoeing or kayaking, whale watching, salmon bakes or beer tastings, the glacier, or a tour of the state capital construction. There are two different zip lines around Juneau and of course the tram along with Glacier Visitor’s Center.

Tourist shops in Juneau

Many people prefer to walk round town. There’s buildings as well as the waterfront to check at. Of course there are a lot of shops, restaurants, and bars for anybody.

Juneau Cruise Ship Shore Excursions

When visiting Juneau by cruise boat you’ve got the choice to book an excursion through the cruise line. Cruise ship excursions have the benefit of providing transport to anything not in town, and by booking through the boat if your trip returns enjoy it will, that the boat will not leave with no if you go back after venturing out by yourself.

Upside Down Flower Towers in Glacier Gardens

Ship’s trips in Juneau include a bus journey to places like Glacier Gardens, Mendenhall Glacier, a zip line, or into the camp such as a ride on a sled of a musher. Helicopter trips may take out people to the glacier have a glacier walk or to ride a dog sled that is real. Trips include matters such as hiking nature trails, wildlife viewing or whale viewing or kayaking, feasting at a salmon bake, panning for gold , or fishing. Flightseeing trips sometimes include a stop in a lodge or keep sanctuary. Some trips include over one thing, frequently a stop plus one of those additional items to watch or do in Juneau.

Juneau in town near the cruise docks

Mount Roberts Tram,  Mount Roberts Tram to a stormy day,  Glacier Gardens,  River Raft Excursion,  Mendenhall Glacier,  Mendenhall Glacier Visitor’s Center, Zipline