Silvio Berlusconi: Out of cruise ship singer to billionaire

Despite sex scandals, sequential gaffes and legal battles, the flamboyant tycoon has made an astonishing return from political oblivion to head his centre-right Forza Italia (Go Italy) party, which included in a right-wing coalition is leading the race for Sunday’s vote, according to opinion polls.

‘Berlusconi has 12 or 13 lives, he is just like a cat squared,’ said former best Matteo Renzi, who’s himself trying to win the top spot on Sunday.  

While Berlusconi has largely avoided the significant campaign rallies and only appeared alongside his coalition allies at the run-up to the vote, he is a continuous figure on tv, radio and in newspapers, a variety of which he owns through his Fininvest empire.

While Berlusconi has largely prevented the Major campaign rallies and only looked alongside his coalition allies in the run-up to the vote, He’s a continuous figure on tv, radio and in newspapers

The one time cruise ship crooner, who has served as prime minister three days and once possessed AC Milan football club, has had a very tumultuous love affair with Italian politics, clinching his first election victory in 1994.

Together with his oiled-back own hair and winning grin, he has ruled Italy for over nine years in total.

He became renowned across the world because of his buffoonish gaffes along with a colourful private life epitomised with his notorious ‘bunga bunga’ sex parties.

I’m like a good wine, with age, I only enhance, now I’m perfect,’ he tweeted lately.

Berlusconi was born in 1936 in Milan to a bank worker father and a housewife mom who always staunchly defended her son’s virtues.

The young Berlusconi was a born entertainer.

Berlusconi was born in 1936 in Milan to a bank worker father and a housewife mom who always staunchly defended her son’s virtues. Pictured: Berlusconi at 2013  

A massive fan of Nat King Cole, he played double bass and amused club audiences with jokes during breaks from reading law.

He worked briefly for a cruise-ship singer prior to launching a profitable career in the booming construction industry then expanding to put up three national television stations and buy Italian football club AC Milan, he moved on to sell in 2017.

Berlusconi’s political success has been associated with his football glory. Nonetheless, it is also closely entwined with the ability of the broadcasting and publishing empire.

His first stint as prime minister lasted from 1994-1996. In 2001 he was elected again following a campaign which included sending a publication boasting of his own accomplishments to 15 million Italian houses.

He remained in power until 2006 – the greatest premiership at the background of post-war Italy – and as a divided left floundered, he had been voted back for a third period in 2008.

But his premiership finished in 2011 at a blaze of sex scandals and fears Italy was on the verge of a Greek-style fiscal implosion.

The twice-divorced Berlusconi was made out of parliament in 2013 following his conviction to corporate taxation fraud was upheld by Italy’s highest court.

His influence waned quickly after that.

In 2013 he was sentenced to seven years of paying for sex with an underage 17-year-old prostitute Karima El-Mahroug, called ‘Ruby the Heart Stealer’ (pictured)

In 2013 he was sentenced to seven years of paying for sex with an underage 17-year-old prostitute Karima El-Mahroug, called ‘Ruby the Heart Stealer’, also for abusing his powers to get her off theft fees, pretending she was the niece of then Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

The Ruby conviction was finally overturned by an appeal court. Not entirely off the hook however, Berlusconi currently faces trial over allegations he bought Ruby along with other women’s jumps with more than 10 million euros worth of presents including homes and vacations.

The former leader gained notoriety because of his off-colour jokes along with diplomatic gaffes, in 2013 likening German politician Martin Schulz to a Nazi, as well as describing US President Barack Obama as ‘suntanned’.

In a wiretap dialog leaked to the press, he also known as German Chancellor Angela Merkel ‘an un****capable lard-arse’.

The currently aging politician has also grappled with health issues in the past few years, undergoing open heart operation in 2016.

When asked about his ultimate successor however he responded: ‘It is not easy to find a genius, however, as I will live to be 120, I’ll find one’      


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Ever border Controller kiosk installed on cruise ship

Self-serve passport kiosks are taking airports around the globe by storm as attempts to speed up customs procedures using technologies kick into full gear, and they’re coming to passenger cruise ships.

Vancouver International Airport’s Innovative Travel Solutions (ITS) has announced that two BorderXpress kiosks are installed on Ferries del Caribe’s cruise ship, the MV Kydon, which makes it the most popular railway operator in the world to put in border control kiosks on a ship or ferry. It follows a five-month pilot program examining the kiosks, which discovered they were successful at expediting passenger processing and also enhancing the overall passenger experience “without endangering security,” according to a Jan. 26 press release.

The BorderXpress kiosk in use in the MV Kydon

“Today marks a momentous occasion for the cruise ship business, and we are proud that our line of BorderXpress self-serve kiosks were selected as a member of this sector first,” says Chris Gilliland, director of ITS, a team at Vancouver International Airport that specializes in creating and delivering advanced travel technologies to enhance travelers’ overall expertise and also the airport’s performance. “No matter where they’re implemented, BorderXpress kiosks enable police officers to process greater passengers each hour, decrease passenger wait times and overall operating expenses, and free up border officers to concentrate on security, intelligence and enforcement actions.”

The MV Kydon provides providers from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The BorderXpress kiosks may be used by US citizens, US legal permanent residents, Canadian citizens, travelers with ESTA (Visa Waiver application), and travelers entering with a B1/B2 or D visa.

“That is a celebratory afternoon for Ferries del Caribe as we become the first on the planet to install border control kiosks onboard a passenger ship,” Néstor González García, president of Ferries del Caribe, adds from the launch. “We’re thrilled to partner with Complex Travel Solutions to implement the BorderXpress kiosks, which allow us to modernize our border clearance process and make sure our passengers have a fun and easy experience on their trip.”

Presently, over 1,300 BorderXpress kiosks are in use at 39 airport and seaport areas. As of December 2017, BorderXpress kiosks have dropped over 160 million passengers in 36 languages.

What differentiates the airport kiosks and the new cruise ship ones is the latter can connect via satellite into a bonded segregated VLAN for communication, also sends passenger encrypted info to a border control service that yields a government response in seconds. A border services representative validates the passenger’s reception and makes the final approval to allow them into the nation.


Tourist thrown off cruise ship in row over Penalizing stops

© Provided by AOL Travel UK Tourist thrown off Costa cruise Boat over cancelled Ceases

A French tourist was thrown off a ‘fantasy’ cruise holiday after staging a protest over cancelled ceases.

Alain Jan, 53, a chef who resides in the island of Reunion, has been booked on the trip with his wife. It was intended to be a luxury cruise across the “Vanilla islands” of Madagascar, Maurice, Reunion and the Seychelles on the Costa neoRiviera lining.

Two weeks into the trip, the captain announced that three stops across the island of Madagascar could be cancelled because of a plague epidemic.

The island is suffering with an epidemic of bubonic and pneumonic plague that the World Health Organisation has said may be a risk to other Indian Ocean regions. More than 1,000 individuals in Madagascar are infected and more than 100 have expired.

Mr Jan stated the 3 cancellations were understandable for health reasons, but that two additional ceases were subsequently cancelled as well as the stop in Mauritius being canned.

Passengers were told they would receive €150 to spend on board as recompense – and that didn’t go down well.

“Things began heating up – and -euro;150 when a big region of the excursion is cancelled along with a beverage on board expenses €5,” Alain told the Telegraph.

“That evening, we ordered a protest at the restaurant. There were 60 of us slamming our fists in the desk to alarm other railway passengers for the con job.”

There was also another protest at a theater after the captain refused to change course.

The captain then rang the local police chief who arrived on board.

Mr Jan explained that he asked to speak to the French ambassador but that the policeman asked the captain when he wanted to disembark anybody and he pointed straight back to him.

He then spent two nights at a resort in the Seychelles before being flown home to Reunion on a flight paid for by Costa.

He says that the cruise liner turned into a ‘flying prison’, which he believed ‘ripped off’, suggesting Costa understood of the plague cases but were not forthcoming regarding the change of programme ahead of the railway set off.

Costa Cruises denies that claim. A spokesperson explained: “The business made every effort to maintain that the stop-offs on Madagascar, looking into all the alternatives,” but that “safety, wellbeing and health of crew and passengers are still an absolute priority”.

The company explained that police in Mauritius had required that the lining be quarantined to ensure it had no ill passengers, including: “Given that the delays that would have created, as well as longer ones when there had been any defendant cases on board and believing that passengers were already on board, the company was forced to restrict its visit to the Seychelles and Reunion.”

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Dozens hurt after Railway ship rams bridge that is Swiss

The injury injured 25 and damaged the bow of this Swiss Crystal.

(Marcel Kusch/dpa via AP)

Twenty-five people aboard the “Swiss Crystal” cruise ship have been injured after the boat rammed a bridge over the River Rhine at Duisburg, Germany.  

The incident happened on Tuesday evening once the cruise ship struck a bridge service. Ordinarily, the column stands on dry soil, but it is currently underwater because the Rhine is over five metres higher than normal.

There were 129 people on board, the majority of them in the Netherlands. Of those 25 wounded, four had been hospitalised along with the other eight afterwards sought treatment. The priest stood beneath jolt, reported the authorities. Speed wasn’t a factor, however, the mishap is under investigation.  

The bow of this 100-metre-long Swiss Crystal was badly damaged. Built in 1995 and completely renovated in 2007, the cruise ship was in the tail end of a trip beginning and ending at Arnhem over Mainz and Koblenz.  

that owns the ship, said on Wednesday it anticipated long discussions with the insurance carrier over injury claims.  

Traffic via the bridge has been briefly suspended, meaning that a disturbance of this A42 motorway course — which handles about 90,000 vehicles every day. On the other hand, the bridge wasn’t badly damaged and traffic has been flowing openly.

Simon Bradley

From the Rhine’s alpine origin to the riverbanks of industrial Basel, investigates the Swiss stretch of their vital European waterway.

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Century Sky Cruise Ship

Century Sky Cruise Ship

Century Sky is the sister of Century Sun, and analyzed as another best-value boat for the Century Cruise.

As a 5-star deluxe cruise boat, furnished and designed onboard in view of the standard of international 5-star hotel standards, such as a luxurious revolving five-story open-air Atrium reception, it’s one of the very appealing cruise ships on the Yangtze River.

Itinerary: Chongqing – Yichang; Yichang – Chongqing
Maiden Voyage: 2005
Passenger Capability: 306
Full Cabins: 153
Decks: 6

Calendar of Century Sky Cruise

Chongqing – YichangYichang – Chongqing Just click on your cruise date to your enquiry. Please note that the cruise schedules are subject to change according to specific weather conditions, boat charterings, government polices, etc..

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Cabin Info of Century Sky

Deluxe Cabin

Total Benefits: 143
Room Size: 25.90 m2
Beds: Twin beds (0.9 m 2.0 m)
Private Balcony: Yes
Bathroom: Shower

Junior Suite

Total Benefits: 4
Room Size: 30.00 m2
Beds: Queen Bed (1.8 m 2.0 m)
Private Balcony: Yes
Bathroom: Shower

Deluxe Suite

Total Benefits: 6
Room Size: 35.60 m2
Beds: Queen bed (1.8 m 2.0 m)
Private Balcony: Yes
Bathroom: Shower

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