How To Market To A Millennial On Social Media

If your business is trying to target millennials investing in online marketing is very important. The is because people under the age of 30 generally spend a lot of time online each week and a decreasing number buy physical copies of magazines and newspapers. In the past, companies would just buy adverts in daily newspapers and magazines to promote their products to young adults, but nowadays such adverts are unlikely to have the same reach.

Perhaps one of the best things about online advertising is that it is very cheap and can be highly targeted. If your company knows a little about SEO, you can generate lots of free organic visitors to your website from Google’s search results pages. If you don’t want to invest time search engine optimizing your website and building organic backlinks, you can pay for sponsored positions in search results.

While traffic from search engines tends to have a good conversion rate, if you are specificity hoping to attract millennials, you need to have visibility on social media platforms, most importantly Twitter and Facebook. Fortunately, Facebook offers businesses a great choice of advertising packages and all sponsored posts can be extremely targeted. This means you can save money on your marketing budget, by not showing your ads to people who don’t meet certain criteria. For example, if you sell women’s perfume, you could choose not to have your ads displayed to male Facebook users.

Another great place to buy ads if you want to market to the youth of today is YouTube. Millennials often spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos and each video can display preroll ads. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to developing a video ad for your business, you should consider contacting a reputable marketing agency.