Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban

Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban


Protesters gathered outside the Supreme Court in June of last year over the president’s disputed travel ban.CreditAl Drago for The New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump acted lawfully in imposing limits on travel from several predominantly Muslim nations, the Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday.

The vote was 5 to 4, with the court’s conservatives in the majority.

The court’s decision, a major statement on presidential power, marked the conclusion of a long-running dispute over Mr. Trump’s authority to make good on his campaign promises to secure the nation’s borders.

his first travel ban, causing chaos at the nation’s airports and starting a cascade of lawsuits and appeals. The first ban, drafted in haste, was promptly blocked by courts around the nation.

agreed to hear the Trump administration’s appeals from court decisions blocking it. But the Supreme Court dismissed those appeals in October after the second ban expired.

In January, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to Mr. Trump’s third and most considered entry ban, issued as a presidential proclamation in September. It initially restricted travel from eight nations, six of them predominantly Muslim — Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad, Venezuela and North Korea. Chad was later removed from the list.

The restrictions varied in their details, but, for the most part, citizens of the countries were forbidden from emigrating to the United States and many of them are barred from working, studying or vacationing here. In December, the Supreme Court allowed the ban to go into effect while legal challenges moved forward.

Hawaii, several individuals and a Muslim group challenged the latest ban’s limits on travel from the predominantly Muslim nations; they did not object to the portions concerning North Korea and Venezuela. They said the latest ban, like the earlier ones, was tainted by religious animus and not adequately justified by national security concerns.

blocked the ban on a different ground, saying it violated the Constitution’s prohibition of religious discrimination.

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Man plans to solve homeless problem by turning cruise ship into homes

Sadly, the United States isn’t the only country where homelessness – and difficulty getting affordable housing – is a problem. In many countries around the world, governments are failing to provide adequate housing, and so the numbers continue to rise.

One place where it’s been a particular issue in recent years is Portland, Maine.

The lack of affordable accommodation is noticeable, with many having struggled without success to find a solution. There’s simply not enough space or funds to provide homes for those in need.


Now, however, an entrepreneur has a plan. He thinks he’s found the answer.

The solution is a bit unorthodox, sure, but there are no bad ideas when serious trouble is upon us … right?

Contractor Ken Capron plans to buy an old cruise ship that’s no longer in use. His aim is to rebuild the entire vessel, thus transforming it into affordable apartments stationed in the city’s port.

By letting people live on the boat, he could solve a homeless problem for over one thousand people. In the process, he’d be creating a brand new floating community.

The benefits are two-fold with Capron’s plan. Not only would the housing shortage in the area decrease significantly, but there’d also been no need for new space to build houses.

“We’re looking at four groups that need housing: the homeless, the low-income, the workers and the immigrants. They also need vocational training and we would offer them on board,” Ken Capron said in an interview with WMTW.

Ken Capron

The mayor of Portland’s response

According to reports, the mayor of the city is open to the well thought out proposal.

In Capron’s vision, the ship would be converted into five different floors, with at least one hundred apartments offered on each.

It’s certainly an ambitiously creative idea, but one that could provide the solution to numerous problems if given the go-ahead.

The big question, of course, is who will foot the bill. Capron, though, remains positive that the plan is economically viable. As with all genuine entrepreneurs, he sees possibilities where others see only obstacles.

Ken Capron, Cruise Ship

“I have no idea if it’s the craziest idea I’ve ever heard or the most brilliant idea I’ve ever heard,” said Mayor Ethan Strimling, according to NECN, via the Miami Herald.

Ken has applied for an independent investigation to discern whether the project is feasible. If given the green light, he’s going to put his plan into practise, but is set to present his idea to the City Committee regardless.

If Capron’s dream comes true, he could establish the world’s first floating community.

The estimated cost of transforming the cruise ship, meanwhile, sits somewhere in the region of between $5million and $10million.

What do you think about the proposal?

Share this article with your friends on Facebook so that more people can see the innovative idea. In any case, I certainly think it sounds interesting … just think of the opportunities if all goes to plan!

It’s an undeniable fact that there are too many souls spending each night sleeping on the streets instead of in a bed.

Whereas once it was a problem few concerned themselves with, it’s now something that none should stand for. Even worse, homelessness doesn’t just affect young, healthy people in the U.S., but is a scourge that can blight the old, the sick and the weak, too.

What’s more, it seems like it’s only getting worse for those who have it tough, while the rich continue to get richer.

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Good weather for holiday travel on Sunday

Light showers will pass through today. It’ll feel like spring Thursday and Friday ahead of a major arctic front blowing in Saturday.