Fincantieri To Build Circle Ship Blocks In Australia From 2018

In affiliation with our tendered proposal to the Australian Government for Project Sea 5000 Future Frigate, Fincantieri is pleased to declare that upon attaining the suitable business articles, Fincantieri will list its Australian business unit onto the ASX (Australian stock market).

Mr Dario Deste, Chairman of Fincantieri Australia said, “This initiative allows Australian investor participation in Fincantieri Australia and ensures that decisions will be obtained everywhere and also in the best interests of Australia.”

Representation Picture — Credits: Fincantieri — Instagram

Fincantieri lists two companies within the group on stock exchanges, being Vard about the foreign exchange exchange and Fincantieri about the market.

Listing on the ASX will allow Australian investors to take part in the continuous naval shipbuilding business of Australia, ensuring a share of the profits remain in Australia and decisions have been taken in Australia for the interests of Australia. This announcement follows confirmation an Australian shipbuilding workforce is going to be used to assemble the Future Frigates at Adelaide, Australia.

The following actions are also announced by Fincantieri to start-up regional operations in anticipation of initiating the Future Frigate Project at 2018.

A professional office of Fincantieri Australia will start in Adelaide on the 10th of October 2017. “This centre expands Fincantieri’s operations into Adelaide as we mobilise Australian industry, trigger the Adelaide shipyard using the recognized electronic tools used to construct the Italian FREMM Frigates on time and on budget in Italy and entertain and train the Australian shipbuilding workforce for the undertaking,” Mr Deste stated.

Pilot orders have been placed by Fincantieri and these successful businesses join Fincantieri’s global foundation of 80,000 subcontractors across the world. “Pilot orders supply the actual work required to achieve the return on expertise required for complex industrial collaboration,” Mr Deste stated. The successful vendors so far are:

• Hoffmann Engineering to make a bow thruster for a Landing Platform Dock for a Middle Eastern Navy. Hoffman Engineering will maximise Australian industry’s use in sourcing of raw materials and the production of parts. “This work not only supplies an advanced ship equipment item to an export client, but provides invaluable return on expertise for Fincantieri to program further technology transfer to the Australian production business,” Mr Deste stated.

• Also, Fincantieri and Hoffman Engineering have entered a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly cooperate in the growth of Fincantieri’s $250 million worldwide market (more than 5 years) for the production of marine programs and components. “Whenever a new supplier joins Fincantieri, it is always about joining a new marketplace as well as engaging in a one-off project,” Mr Deste stated.

• BlueScope Steel to provide steel for future test cubes of cruise ships and use in cruise ships assembled in Australia. “This arrangement will guarantee that cruise ships cubes built in Australia as part of our start-up actions will train an Australian shipbuilding workforce and also use Australian steel,” Mr Deste stated.

• Calibre for the preliminary design of ships developed in the 20 shipyards of Fincantieri internationally, as well as an advanced manufacturing facility to the Future Frigates for the integration of mechanical gear and ships from the fleet of Australia. “The integration and production facilities we intend to attract about Australia will considerably contribute to Australia’s continuous naval shipbuilding business,” Mr Deste stated.

Actions for technicians, supervisors and engineers has commenced. Over 150 Australians will combine the FREMM Project to train together with Fincantieri before returning to direct the Future Frigate Project, supported by German subject matter specialists. “I encourage Australian engineers and shipbuilders seeking a long-term career in Australia’s underground sector to register their fascination with Fincantieri today, as our very first team leaves for Italy next year,” Mr Deste stated.

Fincantieri, and sub-contractors that are chosen, will assemble cruise boat cubes in Australia to commence training the Australian shipbuilding workforce in techniques and Fincantieri tools. These training tasks lead into the start of production of their Frigate. “These initiatives demonstrate the size and strength of Fincantieri, together with 20 shipyards on four continents, and we can bring our work to start up operations locally and make new markets for Australian business,” Mr Deste stated.

The cruise boat cubes will be assembled by the Fincantieri’s own shipbuilding workforce and to the Future Frigate Project, who will be invited to submit quotations in coming to construct blocks that are selected.

Of note, Vard, a Fincantieri firm, has secured an order for an expedition cruise boat for this boat is going to be built here in Australia as part of Fincantieri’s mobilisation initiatives. “Building blocks of the Coral Sea Expeditions cruise boat here in Australia reveals how Fincantieri’s size and strength can combine new opportunities in the current market and the shipbuilding business collectively,” Mr Deste stated.

“Vard presents exciting opportunities for joint venture partners in Australia’s offshore oil and gas business,” Mr Deste said, “And those opportunities flow directly from the engineering know-how Fincantieri leads to Australia’s naval sector.”

“These initiatives demonstrate Fincantieri’s vision for Australia, where Australian citizens and Australian businesses work together as a business to design and build advanced naval vessels on a sustainable, global and sovereign basis,” Mr Deste stated.


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