Passenger Missing at Sea After Moving Overboard Cruise Ship

A passenger in the Norwegian Spirit cruise ship has reportedly   gone missing and overboard. An overboard scenario is recovered involving the Spanish Coast Guard.

There are already numerous accounts a passenger from the Norwegian Spirit had gone at around 2 AM in the afternoon. The male passenger is 34 years old and also of Saudi Arabian origin.

Assets are searching the region in the Meditteranean Sea near the region of Murcia in Spain although it’s not known how he went the cruise ship.

A Spanish Coastguard spokesman said:

“We had been stabbed 2.15am to some guy who had gone from the Norwegian Spirit, approximately 30 miles south of the port city of Cartagena. Several vessels are participating in an ongoing search combined with a plane and two helicopters. The guy who has gone is a 34-year-old of Saudi source. I don’t have information about the circumstances of how he ended up in the water.”

Spirit was involved in the search at first but proceeded on with the ship. The trip has been pinpointed although the next port of call had been Spain, Alicante. The NCL ship will sail to its home port of Barcelona using an anticipated arrival on April 4. Spirit is coming into the conclusion of a 1-night cruise which included sailing to the Canary Islands.

It is never good posting about a  cruise boat incident and our thoughts go out to the individual’s family and friends during this moment. We are going to update this informative article.

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