Squeeze Tube tow for cruise ship section

The sections are pre-fabricated modules for the new cruise ship Aidanova and need to be transferred from Neptun Werft in Rostock to Meyer Werft’s shipyard in Papenburg The sections have been pre-fabricated modules for your new cruise boat ‘Aidanova’ and also Have to Be transferred from Neptun Werft from Rostock into Meyer Werft’s shipyard in Papenburg

Rotterdam-based Kotug along with Hamburg-based Bugsier Reederei have played a key role in the towing of their first of 2 engine room sections throughout the Kiel canal locks using a gap of only centimetres each side.

The sections have been pre-fabricated modules for its new cruise boat Aidanova and also have to get transferred from Neptun Werft from Rostock into Meyer Werft’s shipyard in Papenburg through the Kiel canal. Kotug’s Rotortug RT Pioneer has been allocated for the tow with Bugsier’s Rotortug Bugsier 6 assisting as stern tug.

The high engine room section that was long that was 117m had with and a ray of 42m the locks 40m wide a section of the modules’ side had to be eliminated through the locks. Nautitec of Germany generated simulations such as calculations and together with Bremer Schiffsmeldedienst made charts for the locks at Brunsbüttel and Kiel.

Additional assistance came from Leer-based Lammers Schiffselektronic who installed a navigation program to the hull providing positioning information. A threat assessment was also prepared by Nautitec including for different weather situations. Georg Haase, managing director of Nautitec is reported as stating: “We touched nothing, also it was a really great success, because all worked according to plan.” Including: “It worked as we’re a good team, but I am not the big man here. I made the plan, however the pilots and the tug drivers, they all do the large job. Everything was just as it was planned in the simulator.”

The engine room module will carry Aidanova’s four dual-fuel Caterpillar engines along with a 2nd similar module will soon be home to the cruise ship’s three LNG tanks. Module number 2 is being built by Neptun Werft as well as due to be transferred to Papenburg. Transports are predicted to become regular events such as Meyer Werft.